Dissatisfaction with WordPress

I’m used to WordPress – we build custom installs for clients and run the Nizomk blog off it, so it was a natural choice to go for a WordPress hosted blog when I decided to start blogging again. Sadly, I’m not that impressed though – same familiar admin system, but no support for the kind of widgets I want – no Last.fm, only a crappy Flickr badge and no flexibility at all. The choice of themes that support widgets is very poor too. So, what are the choices – go back to blogger, or better yet , persuade one of my chums to build me a custom install… hmmm. Then I can style it to show my tipple of choice. Plan formed- now who’s arm can I twist?!


One comment

  1. drmike

    It’s different software. They actually run WordPress Multiuser here, open source software like regular wordpress but it’s a shared platform among the end users. All of the themes should support widgets now or at least that’s what staff tells us.

    The lack of flexibility is because of security concerns. If you were to install something that allowed a hacker access to the files, all 2+ million blogs would be at risk.

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