Running design critiques

Many times in work environments, we confuse conversations, which should be exchanges of ideas, with opportunities to inflict our opinions on others…

Loved this quote from a great post about how to run a design critique. Thought it’d be useful to distil the recommendations and publish to clients – but also to get the whole team to read and implement in our next project. We need to work together more, instead of in silos, with each person producing some kind of artefact and then passing it on to the next. Very often this approach is akin to design Chinese Whispers – with what comes out not really resembling what went in.

Link was by way of Gavin Wye from UXBri – very helpful. Gavin’s suggesting that we form crit groups around projects and having read this post I’m much more keen to get involved – if only to learn the best way of doing it.

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