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Targeting niche short breaks for South West Wales Tourism Partnership
Designate’s client, South West WalesTourism Partnership, exists to help local businesses work together to promote the region. Publicly funded, they were concerned not to duplicate the already considerable web presence and marketing spend of the Tourism Authority and Local Authorities in focusing solely on the destination. Instead they run three separate targeted, niche campaigns based on the main attractions of the region – active breaks, gardens & green spaces and a more loosely defined cultural product.

The three existing websites were ineffective and our first task was to conduct a business review to see where improvements might be made. I was tasked with conducting the review, and once the recommendations were accepted, to implement changes. We rebuilt the three websites from scratch, supplying a bespoke admin system to enable the administering of events and offers by the client and incorporating a data feed from VisitWales to ensure up-to-date accommodation and operator information is displayed.

I worked with the design team to specify the information architecture of the sites and then oversaw the built to completion. I have since implemented a new analytics and reporting regime to demonstrate the business value of the three sites.


Showing the stylish side of Wales

Wales in Style homepage

A not-for-profit organisation part-funded by VisitWales, Wales in Style promotes Wales as a luxury break destination. An online pure-play, the organisation is entirely reliant on the website to produce leads for local partners. Designate won the business at pitch and I was tasked to lead the build. We identified two main types of user behaviour to which we wanted to appeal – the first being those who are visiting a specific place and want to find accommodation nearby, and the second those who are planning a luxury break in the UK but are not yet aware of Wales as a possible destination. The site provides both a search and a browse route to cater for both sets with users being encouraged to package accommodation with a restaurant booking and activities through the use of relational data on all product pages.
Fundamental to the success of the project is the ability to report – as it is this that will secure long term commitment not only from VisitWales but also from the local partners featured on the site. To this end I put together a comprehensive analytics plan and have overseen the training of developers in implementation and account handlers in reporting through the WebSideStory (HitBox) system.

a visual browsing experience for designer jeweller Jeremy Hoye

Found some portfolio stuff in an old job application email, which made me think that really I ought to post my projects here. Will have to rewrite to be less stuffy, but can’t be bothered right now.

Designate were commissioned to review the performance of a newly launched site for designer jeweller, Jeremy Hoye. Having identified a conversion rate of only 0.6% I wrote a proposal outlining how the business performance of the website could be improved. We were then tasked to completely redesign and rebuild the site. I lead the functional design of the site, taking an approach based on visual browsing of the product, attempting to replicate the in-store shopping experience of jewellery as far as possible. To this end, the user experience was moved from a linear, text based selection process to one driven by images and the relation of products to each other in terms of material, type and designer.


Homepage – lovely Flash animation runs in background. Whole thing is content managed and optimised for search

search results page

Search results page: Visual browsing with enlarged detail on rollover

product page

Product page: similar products shown either by collection (from same designer) or as cross sell through items of same type but from different designers.