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Favourite online games of a 6 (soon to be 7) year old girl

Just been have a chat with my little Game Girl. At the moment her favourite games are:

1. CheeseDreams

‘it’s fun bouncing around’

2. Moshi Monsters

‘really fun being with the monsters but I just wish my monster was better cos then it wouldn’t be ill. I really like Moshi Monsters as well because you get Moshlings. They’re like pets.’

3. Club Penguin

‘fun waddling around around but there should be more parties’

4. Sweet Little Grannies

‘fun to play and they’re really sweet and they’re really kind (but can’t remember where it is)’

5. Chop Shocky Chooks

‘you get to fight a ginormous monkey and pressing space bar makes you trump and that’s funny’

6. Commando 2

‘has fighting but they’re easy to kill and there’s animals’

7. Kindergarten

‘it’s fun moving the babies but I wish they wouldn’t cry and be sick’