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a visual browsing experience for designer jeweller Jeremy Hoye

Found some portfolio stuff in an old job application email, which made me think that really I ought to post my projects here. Will have to rewrite to be less stuffy, but can’t be bothered right now.


Designate were commissioned to review the performance of a newly launched site for designer jeweller, Jeremy Hoye. Having identified a conversion rate of only 0.6% I wrote a proposal outlining how the business performance of the website could be improved. We were then tasked to completely redesign and rebuild the site. I lead the functional design of the site, taking an approach based on visual browsing of the product, attempting to replicate the in-store shopping experience of jewellery as far as possible. To this end, the user experience was moved from a linear, text based selection process to one driven by images and the relation of products to each other in terms of material, type and designer.


Homepage – lovely Flash animation runs in background. Whole thing is content managed and optimised for search

search results page

Search results page: Visual browsing with enlarged detail on rollover

product page

Product page: similar products shown either by collection (from same designer) or as cross sell through items of same type but from different designers.